Hair Loss Management for Women Courtesy of Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Losing hair is a great blow to a people’s self-esteem, especially for women. A lot of women like to have a head full of hair, after all. Reading Lucinda Ellery reviews is a good way to learn about methods to restore the healthiness of those shiny locks.

The Causes

There are several possible reasons for females to experience hair loss. These can range from dermatological conditions to side effects of treatment for certain medical conditions.

Alopecia areata is one typical reason for bald patches. This is an autoimmune disorder where white blood cells start attacking hair follicles, causing hair to fall out and stop growing. A variation of this condition is frontal fibrosing alopecia, which causes hair loss in headband-like pattern in the front portion of the head and is often seen in post-menopausal women. Another medical reason for hair loss is telogen effluvium, which is associated with periods of extreme stress. Thankfully, this only lasts for a short time but can still be distressing.

Hair loss can also be triggered by being subjected to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Both treatments expose women to chemicals that are not conducive to their hair’s health. Usually, complete hair loss is to be expected after some time.

The Solutions

There are a lot of hair replacement methods available to women who want a head full of hair. These can range in complexity from simple wigs to hair extensions. Additionally, they are available from companies that specialise in hair loss treatment like Lucinda Ellery Hair Loss Consultancy.

Wigs are a decent and affordable solution for hair loss sufferers. The best wigs right now consist of real human hair. When matched well with the wearer’s original hair in terms of colour and texture, no one will be able to tell the difference. However, choosing a wig in the wrong colour and texture will likely make matters worse.

A more fitting replacement are hair extensions. Often used by the fashionable set to give their hair more volume and length, these are also a boon for women who suffer from hair loss. The fact that they are often made from human hair make them look natural. For those interested, reading Lucinda Ellery reviews should give an idea about how effective these are.


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