Let Lucinda Ellery Reviews Guide You on Saving Scalp from Hair Pulling

Certain situations—as well as several types of jobs—carry different degrees of stress. When the pot starts to boil over, an urge to pull your hair out could take over. In some cases, people do pull their hair out for random reasons, the effect of a condition called trichotillomania or TTM. If you’ve watched the comedy flick The Internship, you might have remembered Yo-yo Santos, Tobit Raphael’s character, who exhibits TTM and plucks out strands from his eyelash due to stress from his overbearing mother.

When a person suffers TTM, his or her overall physical appearance gets the brunt of the hair pulling, creating patches on the scalp. Efforts to disguise the patches also take up much of the person’s groom time. If you know a person afflicted with TTM, you can help him or her by sharing information from detailed Lucinda Ellery reviews.

Better Understanding

Dealing with TTM requires more understanding of the causes and effects of the condition, as observers tend to associate it with labels (like being called crazy or psychotic). Some psychiatrists noted that a person is likely suffering from TTM if the hair pulling gives him or her relief from stress, and if the existing symptoms do not point to another similar mental ailment.

Pinning and Stopping

The action phase on stopping TTM focuses on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and effective hair growth solutions, with the help of a hair loss expert. CBT treatment options include teaching the patient to detect the signs that he or she is about to do a hair pull, muster the will to stop it before it happens, and ask a family member or friend to help detect and stop the action as well.

When the hair pulling has gone far enough as to produce partial balding, a more active strategy a hair loss expert may recommend is to use a mesh-based scalp cap. The gear is meant to shroud any bare patches and complicate future pulls. However, be warned that the method may not be effective in cases of severe pulling.

Stressful situations affect people in different ways; for some, they trigger hair pulling. When hair pulling has already brought damage to a person’s physical appearance, treatment should entail more than just psychiatric help. Coming up with beautiful hair strands, guided by professional Lucinda Ellery reviews, should be part of the strategy.


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