Lucinda Ellery Reviews Debunk Those Prevalent Hair Extension Myths

Are you unhappy with your hair’s volume and length? If yes, you may be interested in having hair extensions applied to your natural hair to boost its volume and length.

Unfortunately, you may have encountered several myths surrounding hair extensions while researching online or from friends or family members who got hair extensions before. These myths create unnecessary fears among many people considering hair extensions for the first time. To help quell their fears—and yours—industry expert Lucinda Ellery Reviews and debunks some of the more prevalent myths surrounding hair extensions:

Hair Extensions are Bad for Your Hair

The validity of this claim depends. Improperly attached hair extensions can result in damaged hair. This is why hair stylists spend a lot of time in learning how to properly attach different types of hair extensions. As long as you have a professional apply your extensions, you need not worry about hair damage. In fact, properly attached extensions can even provide your hair time to recover from damage due to past hair product abuse.

You Can Dye Hair Extensions if They Don’t Match Your Natural Hair

Truth be told, you can have hair extensions dyed to match your natural hair colour or vice versa. However, doing so could damage the extensions and reduce their lifespan. In general, a respected hair salon should have a variety of extensions in stock to match your natural hair colour, rendering any hair dyeing completely unnecessary.

You Can’t Brush Hair Extensions

Contrary to popular belief, brushing hair extensions is necessary to maintain their integrity, especially when human hair extensions are involved. However, you need to use a special brush (looper brush) on them to prevent tangles. Ask your stylist where to purchase a looper brush.

These are only some of the widespread hair extension myths plaguing the industry. In all honesty, hair extensions are a safe and effective way to add volume and length to any hairstyle as long they are applied to your hair by a true expert. As such, you’ll want to have your extensions applied by a stylist at Lucinda Ellery Hair Extensions Studio who has received favourable Lucinda Ellery Reviews.


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