Lucinda Ellery Reviews on Alopecia from Thyroid Disease or Treatment

Various changes in the body can cause hair to fall out. Hormones, in particular, can be a trigger for hair thinning or balding, especially in women. The hormones oestrogen and progesterone mainly influence hair growth, which is a distinctive sex characteristic for females, so a drop in their levels or the dominance of androgen (male sex hormones) could spur shedding or a halt in hair development.

Aside from these sex hormones, however, thyroid hormones or disease management concerning the thyroid gland may also affect the growth of your hair. Reading Lucinda Ellery reviews, you can better appreciate how alopecia develops from thyroid disease or its treatments, and what you can do if you experience it.

Alopecia from Thyroid Diseases

Contrary to popular belief, thyroid diseases are more to blame for hair loss over medications or therapies. Overactive or underactive thyroid hormone production (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, respectively) cause significant stress in the body, and under the strain of these illnesses, the hair growth and loss cycles are interrupted.

Scattered patches of baldness, or alopecia areata, commonly occur in prolonged hyperthyroidism (and other autoimmune disorders). Telogen effluvium, on the other hand, is characterised by uniformly sparse hair or baldness, and usually stems from hypothyroidism. These types of alopecia are ordinarily temporary, and patients have to complete the course of their treatment and wait for some time until they can regain their hair thickness.

Alopecia from Treatments

Thyroid diseases are commonly treated with radiation therapy or hormone replacement, which only rarely cause hair loss. On the other hand, if you have thyroid cancer (which usually causes hyperthyroidism or manifests with its symptoms), you may be prescribed chemotherapy medications like doxorubicin that frequently has alopecia as a side effect.

Innovative Solutions

Whether you have complete or partial, permanent or temporary hair loss, it can be distressing, especially to your self-esteem, but you have various hair replacement options. As useful Lucinda Ellery reviews show, innovative solutions like the Intralace™ system have been chosen by a lot of women, as these hair extensions give you flexibility and natural-looking results. These durable alternative to wigs and other hair replacement options will also be custom-fitted and gently but securely placed onto your scalp and existing hair, which would allow you to wash, brush, treat, and style the hair as your own.


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