Inspiring Lucinda Ellery Reviews Lead You to Easy Hair Loss Solutions

When you’re one of those who have suffered hair loss, you’d want to be able to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Reading or watching helpful Lucinda Ellery reviews can give you an idea of what possible solutions you can use to restore your hair. Depending on the circumstances of your hair loss, there are several options available to you that are both convenient and effective.

Permanent or Temporary

One of the first things you should determine is whether the hair loss is for a short time or is irreversible. Informative Lucinda Ellery reviews often describe conditions that happen over a period of time before hair growth is restored. For example, during pregnancy, the hormones in a woman’s body encourage the hair follicles to go into overdrive. This results in thicker and longer hair.

Unfortunately, a few months after giving birth, a woman’s estrogen level drops, thereby leading to more hair follicles entering the telogen or resting phase. This results in hair loss or unusual shedding. Until hormone levels stabilise, you may experience thin hair or bald patches. Temporary hair replacements like the Intralace Minima are a great solution. For permanent hair loss cases such as those due to genetics, more durable, long-lasting options are also available.

Minimal Hair Loss

Another factor that would determine which hair loss solution to use is the severity of hair loss. Mild hair loss is very common. Small bald patches and thin hair can be the result of several conditions. Alopecia areata, an immune disorder that attacks hair follicles, is one of the common culprits. Usually found in families with a history of the condition, alopecia sufferers are also prone to allergies and often show signs of it at a young age.

Another reason for mild hair loss is female pattern baldness; some cases merely result in thin hair and not complete baldness. If you have a mild case of hair loss, the Medi Connections will do just fine. Finer and fuller than your normal hair extensions, these hair replacement solutions are easy to integrate with your current hair and can be treated like normal hair. They also allow natural regrowth for those only suffering from temporary hair loss.

Severe Hair Loss

When large portions of your scalp have been compromised, you’d want a complete hair replacement option. Thankfully, it is rare to suffer from severe or absolute loss of hair. The use of a mesh or weave to which the hair replacement is attached can be utilized. An excellent example of this is the Intralace System.


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