Lucinda Ellery Reviews Show How Crash Dieting Results in Hair Loss

A lot of people want a fitter body. Otherwise, diet pills and gym memberships wouldn’t be on the rise. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look great in your favourite jeans, depriving your body of the right nutrients via drastic dieting can damage your hair. This means not only will your body get thin, but your hair too!

A sudden, unplanned diet will cause your body to become malnourished. When this happens, the body will cease producing hair and instead reserve all of its energies to protect the more vital organs. Under normal conditions, at least 10% of one’s hair are in the resting phase (telogen), the rest would be in the growth phase (anagen); however, if your body is not receiving adequate nourishment, it will save protein by putting more hair that are in the growth phase into an abrupt resting phase, resulting in a condition called Telogen effluvium, which is also discussed in some Lucinda Ellery reviews.

A Gradual Hair Loss
Telogen effluvium does not result in bald patches like those in alopecia areata, but it can cause the hair to thin and fall out in large quantities. This, however, occurs months after the body first experiences stress from dieting. During the telogen phase, the hair remains dormant as the body no longer supplies it with nutrients. Only when it has naturally shed will hair thinning be noticeable.

The problem escalates when extreme weight loss prompts the production of androgen (male sex hormones also present in females), which can permanently kill hair follicles. When this happens, no hair re-growth will occur. For those who are fortunate, hair eventually re-grows after the stress trigger has subsided, but this can take between 6 to 12 months, in which case the person will be temporarily having to deal with their hair thinning or in some instances baldness. Luckily, fine hair replacement solutions such as those that Lucinda Ellery reviews feature, can be attached to make the hair appear thicker and conceal thinning areas.

Balanced Nutrition is Key
Don’t make dramatic changes to your diet if you’re planning to slim down. Eat the same food at the same time you normally would, but just reduce the portions to still maintain the proper balance. Don’t stop eating carbs just to minimise your calorie consumption. Doing this can put tremendous stress not only on your hair but to your entire body. It will also make you crave for unhealthy foods, which can certainly move you farther away from your fitness goals. Always ensure that you have sufficient nourishment through a well-balanced diet.


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