Lucinda Ellery Reviews the Root Cause of Hair Loss

Lucinda Ellery Reviews the Root Cause of Hair Loss

Although plenty of hair experts have suspected it for years, it isn’t until recently when they discovered a mechanism that turns age-damaged stem cells in hair follicles into skin. Once the hair follicles disappear, what you’re left with are miniaturised or microscopic versions of your once-lustrous hair.

A group of Japanese researchers led by Emi Nishimura at Tokyo Medical and Dental University published a report in the Journal Science stating that wear and tear on the DNA of hair follicle stem cells can prevent these follicles from growing new hair. According to the scientist, as hair follicle DNA suffers, there is a noted reduction in a protein called Collagen 17A1 which appears to be the trigger to the thinning of hair.

As people age, they lose this collagen, and exposure to UV rays and chemicals speeds up its demise. Some tips to slow this down include wearing hats to protect against sunlight, eating healthy, and exercising regularly.

If hair loss can’t be helped by these tips, perhaps it’s time to read Lucinda Ellery reviews and discover the right hair loss solutions for you.


Shrinking Stem Cells Are the Real Reason for Hair Loss,

One reason your hair is thinning? Some of it turns into skin,


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