Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Fine Hair vs. Thin Hair

Is there a difference between fine hair and thin hair? Most people think that if they have thin hair, it automatically means that they have fine hair. However, the two aren’t necessarily correlated. In fact, that is rarely the case.

Fine hair simply refers to the texture of one’s hair. Unlike thin hair, it isn’t considered as a scalp disorder. Meanwhile, thin hair occurs because of an underlying condition such as alopecia or eczema. With that in mind, here are a two common questions that people ask about fine hair.

What causes hair to be fine?

Genetics is the key reason that people have fine hair. When your hair is fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair is thin. The diameter of the actual hair cuticle defines how fine your hair is.

How can you tell if you have fine hair?

It all relies on your personal assessment of your hair. One person’s ‘thick’ can be another one’s ‘fine,’ so it’s up to you to decide if you think your hair is thick or fine. However, if you want a more professional assessment, you can have your scalp checked by a hair expert or dermatologist. You can also visit hair blogs and websites that provide measurement comparisons for hair strands.

If your fine or thin hair bothers you, you may read Lucinda Ellery reviews to learn about appropriate treatments.


Thin Hair Vs Fine Hair: What’s The Difference?,


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