Lucinda Ellery Reviews Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss

Iron is an essential mineral for human beings. That’s because the body needs iron to complete a number of highly complex processes including oxygen transport, electron transport, DNA synthesis and haemoglobin production. If the body’s iron level gets too low, then these functions are impeded. You’ll start to feel your energy draining and your immune system will be compromised, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, brittle nails and hair loss.

There are many reasons behind iron deficiency. One is that you’re not getting enough of the mineral from your diet. Another is that there is something in your system that’s preventing your body from absorbing iron properly. Women with heavy menstrual periods are also at risk of the condition.

If you believe you have iron deficiency, have a doctor test your iron levels. Once iron deficiency is confirmed, your doctor will either recommend that you eat more iron-rich foods, and if necessary, prescribe an iron supplement for you.

Depending on how low your levels are, it may take some time before your body returns to its normal function, so if hair loss is a bother, you can find a good solution for it by reading Lucinda Ellery reviews.


Review on iron and its importance for human health,

Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss,

Iron and Hair Loss,


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