Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Reveal Top Brown Hair Colours

People usually think that hair loss solutions such as the Intralace System are hard to maintain and limit their choices of hairstyles or colour. When you read through online Lucinda Ellery reviews, however, you’ll see that a number of Intralace options can be customised at certified hair studios that also offer colour and styling services. If you prefer brown, luscious hair, much like that of Alexa Chung and Emma Watson, you might want to consider the following popular shades:

Chestnut Brown

Regarded more as a “natural shade”, chestnut brown is a neutral hair colour that complements most complexions and exudes a feminine charm. Women with dark and olive skin tone will benefit more from this shade of brown because it brings out their complexion and accentuates dark eyes.

Chocolate Brown

Ladies with medium to dark skin tones can gain a lovely air of mystery with subtle chocolate brown locks. Natural brunettes can easily opt for this shade. Deep and dark are two words that best describe chocolate brown, which looks great on medium length to very long locks.

Golden Brown

Want brown hair with radiant, golden tones? Go with golden brown. This shade can add warmth and a special glow to your overall look. Add a few highlights and your hairstyle is sure to have more pizzazz.


Brown Hair: The Best Of The Brunette A-List Styles,


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