Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Show How You Can Avoid Hair Loss this Summer

The first month of summer has arrived, and that means one more thing aside from the promise of vacations and festivals under the sun.

Women – no matter how healthy you are – will lose more hair during the season. Numerous women leaving Lucinda Ellery reviews are among them.

That’s because women tend to have higher rates of telogen in hotter months, triggered by higher temperatures. Telogen is the “resting phase” of hair production, when hair naturally begins to fall.

This natural occurrence may be something you don’t have to worry about; hairs that shed during the telogen phase tend to get replaced. However, seasonal hair fall can also aggravate existing problems – for example, if you’ve long experienced thinning or balding.

Short of seeking professional treatment, here are a few simple ways you can combat natural hair loss during summer:

Massage your scalp with warm oil. This will help strengthen your roots. Coconut oil is the affordable option, while almond oil is the high-end alternative.
Eat nuts and green leafy vegetables. An overall balanced diet is ideal, but these foods particularly promote hair growth and control loss.
Treat your hair more mildly. Use a milder shampoo. Brush gently with a wide-toothed comb. Wear a hat to protect your scalp from the sun. These little measures can go a good way toward protecting your hair.

Come autumn, check how your hair looks. You may simply have to repeat any of the aforementioned steps next year – or, you may already need to consider a well-regarded hair replacement system that can help you counter hair loss once and for all.


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