Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Fine Thin Hair—What to Avoid

It’s tough having fine thin hair—there’s definitely nothing fine about it. If this is your hair type, then you’re likely in constant search of tips to manage it. But apart from what you should do, there are also things that you should NOT do. Fine thin hair is delicate hair, and you should do everything you can to protect it.

Hot tools

Avoid using your dryer and blower excessively. Too much heat can damage your hair and make it look thinner than it is.

Oil-based hair products

Oil makes your strands stick together and make it weightier, which affects your hair’s volume and gives it a thinner appearance.

Chemical-based hair products

The more chemicals you use on your fine thin hair, the more damage it suffers. When choosing hair products, choose those that say ‘chemical-free’ on the label.

Need more tips on how to keep your fine thin hair in tiptop shape? Find more Lucinda Ellery reviews online and discover more ways to maintain your fine thin hair.


Stay Away from These Hair Care Products if You have Thin Hair!,


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